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Warriors – Mavericks, Gameday baby!! May 3, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, NBA Playoffs, NBA talk, Weekday Randomness.

how do you describe the Golden State Warriors? four words, EASY ON THE EYES, and how do you describe the Dallas Mavericks? four words, CRY AFTER THE GAME.

Trivia Question number 1
– Guess which team 80% of the World’s population will be supporting tomorrow in game 6
a. Harlem Globetrotters
b. Dallas Mavericks
c. Manchester United
d. Golden State Warriors

Trivia Question number 2
– If Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t win MVP, which other player in this series should win MVP?
a. Jessica Alba
b. Action Jackson
c. Barry Bonds
d. Baron Davis

Trivia Question number 3
– What is you desired winning margin if the Warriors happen to win game 6?
a. 10
b. 20
c. 1
d. 5

Trivia Question number 4
– If in any case Stephen Jackson happens to get toseed out from the game again, what would you like him to be thrown out for?
a. giving Mark Cuban a “Stone Cold Stunner”
b. throws 100 dollar bills to Mavs fan sitting courtside. (those bills are hidden inside his trousers)
c. telling Dirk to stop being too “Ghetto”
d. challenges Charles Barkley to a eating contest on live TV.

Trivia Question number 5
– Which Dallas player fits the term “Bloated”?
a. Jerry Stackhouse
b. Pops Mensah Bonsu
c. Devean George
d. D.J Mbenga

Trivia Question number 6
– Who is going to have a coming out party in game 6?
a. Matt Barnes
b. Jessica Alba
c. Greg Buckner
d. Desagana Diop
e. Owen Wilson

Trivia Question number 7
– Which person do you wish to see CRY after game 6?
a. Dirk Nowitzki
b. Avery Johnson
c. Baron Davis
d. Don Nelson

Trivia Question number 8
– Which player from both teams owns a JET and loves to wear SOCKS?
a. Jason Terry
b. Patrick O’Bryant
c. Kevin Willis
d. Josh Powell

Trivia Question number 9
– Choose one reason why the Mavericks will struggle in game 6
a. Hangover from Dirk’s beer party the night before
b. Avery Johnson’s team building stayover at some posh resort.
c. Dirk Nowitzki got too emotional over his ability to hit clutch shots
d. Mark Cuban goes Cuban on the team.

Trivia Question number 10
– Which sentence below would you put on your signboard to go into the arena?
a. Cubans stay in Cuba, not Oakland
b. Don’t Cry for Me, Dirk Nowitzki
c. NBA Champeens 2006
d. Jessica Alba says Cuban is a TOOL

give your answers in the comments section, you’ll be suprised.



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