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Playoffs : Eastern Quarterfinals: New Jersey Nets – Toronto Raptors Game 4 preview April 29, 2007

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“We knew better,” Mitchell said before the Raptors practice yesterday. “He didn’t look hurt to me last night. We should all play that well, a triple-double with the number he had. Didn’t he (make) history? If that’s injured, I’d like to see him when he’s healthy.”

“Did you all drop out in the fifth grade,” he asked reporters, “or did you make it even that far? The man just set a record. It’s like asking Bill Gates: Is he broke? The man just did something that only three men in the history of the NBA have done and you’re asking me is he faking, do you think he’s really hurt? He just set a record! What do you think?”

“Did I even address it?” he said. “Did I even take two seconds of my time to even discuss it with you guys? Or did I start laughing? We didn’t even talk to (the players) about it because we know better. It’s the playoffs. He’s got to be on his death bed before he’s not going to play in the playoffs.”

Sam Mitchell…get a life alright? even if Jason Kidd is faking his injury, what can you do about it, you can’t possibly want Kidd to apologize and take back the Game 3 win for a rematch? face the facts, your team lost, you got yourself tactically outsmarted by Lawrence Frank, and Jason Kidd had a hell of a game, you got conned into playing mind games and you lost. That’s it.

Game 4 is where the Nets should stamp their mark and run-away with this series, of course winning Game 3 was a huge boost, but it would be a huge mistake to under-estimate the Raptors right now, they will shut down Jason Kidd once again, but if the guys are attacking the rim, i think things would go alright.

For the first time in a very long time, i have to give Jason Collins some props, he was phenomenal in holding Chris Bosh to 35% shooting in the entire series, and Mikki Moore, except for some shattering dunks, he’s virtually non-existent in games 2 and 3, let’s hope he bounces back in game 4.

Lines for the Game
Final Score :
New Jersey Nets by 3
VC Projection : 31, 5, 6
Jason Kidd projection : 16, 11, 11
Jason Collins projection : 2 points, 5 PFs
Matchup of the Game : Chris Bosh – Jason Collins

(edit : i am pausing or putting the Sucko-meter thing on hold, because right now Jason Collins is playing decent ball so i;ve got to cut him some slack. GO NETS!)



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