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The L&T : Links & Thoughts April 26, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Anthony Parker, NBA Playoffs, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Toronto Raptors, Vince Carter, Weekday Randomness.

Game 2 is done okay, the Nets got schooled in having SHOOTING GUARDS who actually hits jumpers, not just chuck them, no matter how much Vince was being a prick by not attacking the rim, he can redeem it all in Game 3.

Game 3 back in New Jersey would be VC’s chance to redeem whatever’s left of his jumpshot and start scoring at a more efficient clip, Sam Mitchell was probably trying to see what kind of mindset Vince was in by putting T.J Ford on him, first time he shot an awful turnaround jumper, second time he hit a fade away, third time, let’s not say anymore, Sam Mitchell then knew Cousin Skippy was in, hence lane clogging and denying drives to the hole.

He needs to attack the rim and make the game easier for the people around him, he needs to sacrifice his body and take some of the contact, get to the line, get your shooting rhythm, only then can you jack up threes, but first attack the rim strong, that’s a sign that you’re aggressive, shooting contorted isn’t the best way of showing aggressiveness isn’t the best way really.

Doug Smith from the Toronto Sun noted that it’s Anthony Parker’s effort in containing Vince Carter as crucial in the win.

He got up in Carter’s chest and didn’t give him room to operate; he kept him from getting to the spots on the court where he’s most comfortable and, if he continues to confound him, the series gets a wee bit easier for Toronto. “There’s no secrets,” Parker said. “Try to make it as difficult as possible. I keep saying it over and over.

True enough, he did force VC to shoot 1-7 from three point range, but Vince Carter is still too good of a player to let Anthony Parker to make him go 8-24, which furthermore proves that he needs to attack the rim.

Mike Ganter brought up the old issue of New Jersey’s inability to close out games in the fourth.

“When a team scores on 10 of their last 11 possessions, you are putting immense pressure on your offence,” Frank said referring to Toronto’s late-game success in Game 2. “We’ve been through this drill before. When we struggle it’s our inability to get stops late in the game. So there are definitely corrections we can make. There’s nothing easy about any game we play and we have to continue to hone in and get better.”

But still the team played good enough team defense to hold guys like T.J Ford and Jose Calderon from having big nights, they adjusted from Game 1 and putted themselves into a position to slow their game down, i expect them to do the same in Game 3. The Nets ability to defend is not a problem, but their ability to score down the stretch is, no matter how open anyone is, i don’t think shooting threes on 40% of your team possessions is a good choice.

Game 3 will see alot of changes, and it will be fun to watch, and at last, no more booing, it’s bad for the ears.



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