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Playoffs : Round 1 : New Jersey Nets – Toronto Raptors Game 2 review April 25, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Recap, Toronto Raptors.

i have a fact to announce, Vince Carter WILL CONTINUE to struggle for the rest of the series, 13 – 43 in 2 games, 80% of his shots were outside shots, 15% were inside the paint. he is 5-8 in the paint the entire series, and 5% more of his shots cannot be named as it will be poison to my fingers typing on the keyboard.

It was another close one at the ACC, the Nets stayed in it long enough because the Raptors was shooting equally bad from the field, but at least they didn’t go SEVEN straight possesions jacking up threes, Jason Kidd launching three straight three pointers isn’t smart either (althought he did go 4-6).

Vince Carter had T.J Ford on him on alot of possesions, and he ended shooting this fuck-up turnaround fade-away, with T.J Ford on him, when he really did attack the rim, it was half hearted and it lacked aggression.

A simple example of how everything went wrong, Vince Carter blocked a Mo Pete shot and was heading a an alley oop dunk but instead it’s a TO. 14 FTs attempted? that’s a treason towards a team full of slashers, Richard Jefferson appeared to be fouled on alot of ocassions but theres alot of no calls.

Richard Jefferson settled for too many shots, and giving Rasho Nesterovic three offensive boards on one single possession is just not smart basketball, theres no boxing out under the basket and they let Chris Bosh toyed with them but the good thing is, New Jersey played good enough defense to hold the Rapts to under 90 points, it’s just to matter of making shots.

Lines of the Game
Final Score: New Jersey Nets 83 – 89 Toronto Raptors
VC Line: 19 points, 8-24 FGs, 11 rebounds, 5 assists
Jason Kidd Line: 14 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 4-6 3pt FGs
Jason Collins Line: 6 points, 6 rebounds, 6 PFs
Star of the Game: Anthony Parker, 8-13 FGs, 26 points



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