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Vince Carter left his mark after-all… April 23, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA Playoffs, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Toronto Raptors.

Vince Carter was ineffective in the Game 1 win except for two crucial plays in the fourth, one where he kicked the ball out for a Boki three, and another on a hanging in the air lay-up.

Richard Jefferson was pivotal in securing the W, he was active running the floor, and he was part of the reason why New Jersey outscored Toronto 46-22 on Fastbreak points. Lawrence Frank did a god job on mixing up the defense, going man to man to a zone for some time, forcing T-dot to make shots from the outside, and closing out space for Toronto’s ballhandlers to penetrate.

Jason Kidd posting up T.J Ford in the game worked and it produced alot of easy baskets and proved that Kidd’s versatility outweigh’s T.J Ford’s quickness, hey he only managed 2 assists after all, good defense meant he had to force alot of shots where it usually would have been a pass, and he made quite a few of it, i think in the next game, i got a feeling Sam Mitchell would probably start Jose Calderon, although he did that wondrous Michael Ruffin like blunder, he still outplayed the Nets bench with his savvy and passing ability.

Jason Collins had probably his best playoff game in 2 years, going 3-3 and getting the first assist for Jason Kidd, usually he would have missed that.

Mikki Moore spreadt out the offense with his outside shooting and inside presence, his defense on Chris Bosh was decent as well, the bench outplayed the Raptor’s bench, Bostjan Nachbar again was crucial with his big three point shooting and Antoine Wright had an amazing game.

Basically i’m just praising the whole team because we cut off their homecourt advantage to ZERO! but in the next game VC had better step up his game and start driving to the hole and get CB into foul trouble again or else the Nets would be in trouble.



1. arsenalist - April 23, 2007

thoughts on game 2?

2. The Jersey FLiP - April 24, 2007

soon my friend, having problems with the internets connection…depressing

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