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NBA Playoffs Round 1 : New Jersey Nets – Toronto Raptors preview April 21, 2007

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New Jersey Nets (41 – 41)
Toronto Raptors (47 – 35)

Keys to victory
– give the ball early to Mikki Moore and see if he could gain some advantage on rasho Nesterovic and whether he could outplay him.
– Vince Carter should take not more than 6 threes, and he should attack the rim more and challenge Chris Bosh and the Raptors’ frontcourt.
– Jason Kidd will have to make some few shots early and take the pressure off Vince Carter
– Richard Jefferson will have to play the way he played against the Bulls in the final game of the season, where he outplayed Luol deng with his hustle.
– make sure that the bench gets enough burn to make a difference.
– Marcus Williams may not be able to guard or stay in front of Jose Calderon
– try to contain Chris Bosh, and cover Anthony Parker’s outside shooting
– get the Vince Carter vs Canada shit out of the window.
– Vince Carter should not force things and pass the rock more, play like how he did the past month.
– Jose Calderon will be the X-Factor.

Toronto will have the chance to take the Game 1 lead over the Net in their home court, and the Nets will have their work cut out for them, it won’t be surprising to see Vince struggle from the field, as he had struggled the entire season against Toronto. GO NETS!

Lines for the Game
Final Score :
Toronto Raptors by 7
VC projection : 31, 6, 5
Jason Kidd projection : 11, 11, 10
Jason Collins projection : 2 rebounds, 2 PFs
Matchup of the Game : Jason Kidd – T.J Ford/Jose Calderon



1. coach - April 21, 2007

This is one hell of a game.The whole of TO is waiting for this game.Enjoy.

2. The Jersey FLiP - April 22, 2007

we won we won!!

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