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Understanding the Race for the Sixth Seed April 18, 2007

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Jason Collins is spared from being bagged today, because we have something more important at hand.

In the case of a tie in regular season records involving more than two teams, the following criteria will be utilized in the following order:
(1) Better winning percentage in all games among the tied teams.
(2) Better winning percentage against teams in own division (only if all tied team are in the same division).
(3) Better winning percentage against teams in own conference.
(4) Better winning percentage against teams eligible for playoffs in own conference (including teams that finished the regular season tied for a playoff position).
(5) Better net result of total points scored less total points allowed against all opponents (“point differential”).

That is from TrueHoop

Basically, if the Nets win, they seal up sixth, no matter what the Wizs does, however, if the Wizs win and the Nets loses, they go down to seventh, easy? and no matter what the Magic does even if the Nets lose, they are still eighth, although they could take the 8th seed from Washington if the Wizs lost.

So, anyone and everyone who loves soap dramas, and reuniting players, slapping fiascos, and three point shooting, root for the Nets so that they can get the sixth seed and play the Raptors

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