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Lawrence Frank or Billy Donovan April 16, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Billy Donovan, Lawrence Frank, NBA talk, NCAA ball, New Jersey Nets.

Lawrence Frank and Billy Donovan

Larry looks like Billy Donovan’s young nephew or something really, but craps aside, Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo’s columnist, hinted that there could be a coaching change come the end of this season.

Lawrence Frank is going to get a pass, held blameless for the rash of injuries and locker room dysfunction that played a part in an underachieving Nets season. Nevertheless, there are some officials within the franchise, team sources say, who want to see owner Bruce Ratner make a coaching splash for pure marketing purposes.

The desired candidate? Florida’s Donovan, a New York native.

First of all, Larry, is an okay coach, not excellent, not awful, but an okay one. He’s still one of the youngest head coach in basketball, so he still has plenty to learn; he led the team to 3 straight playoffs (4 if you include this season), despite the injuries to the team this season, his crazy subbing patterns and his weird distaste for rookies (and also playing Jason Collins), he still led to team to what proves to be a decent record, 39-41.

Although he’s abit challenged tactically, but still i don’t think Billy Donovan would fit this team, or maybe i don’t know him enough to say this, but the number of college coaches turned NBA coaches that are successful, er… very little.

But i do think that another bad start for the Nets next season would be the end for Lawrence Frank.



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