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Game 81 : New Jersey Nets – New York Knicks preview April 16, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA previews, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks.

New Jersey Nets (39 – 41)
New York Knicks (32 – 48)

Three words, Screw The Knicks, they’re lottery bound, and we’re playoff bound, they are about to be swept (if Nets win) by New Jersey for the first time in six years, They got Jerome James, we’ve got Jason Collins, i’d take Jerome anyday.

Anyway, Mardy Collins have been playing brilliantly as of late, having two near triple double games in his last eight, however, this game will be decided on how good/well Eddy Curry decides to play, Jason Collins actually did a decent job on him early in the last game, and it sort of threw Curry off rythm, thus getting only 20, when he should have had more than that.

Bostjan Nachbar and Richard Jefferson should be able to give the Knicks a match-up hell zone, because they have er maybe 1 1/2 servicable wing players, and if Jerome James starts, wow Hey yo Jason.

Washington Wizards (40 – 40)
New Jersey Nets ( 39 – 41)

The Nets are only one game behind the Wiz so this game will be huge, GO NETS, kick Isiah.



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