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Game 74 : New Jersey Nets – Atlanta Hawks preview April 4, 2007

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New Jersey Nets 34-39
Atlanta Hawks 27-47

If there’s a game right now that can be won by the Nets to solidify the seventh seed, this is it, the Hawks are without Joe Johnson, hands down their best player, Josh Childress, the team’s thrid leading scorer, which means the Nets will be facing a downgraded version of the Harlem Globetrotters (i don’t know where that came from sorry), so a win is a must.

Antoine Wright will have his biggest oppurtunity ever to prove to Lawrence Frank that he merits minutes on the floor, now that guys like Eddie House are done and Boki slumping, it’s his chance to pounce and make the best of it, he’s shooting 65% from the floor the last few games, and his last game was arguably the best of the season.

It is also nice to finally have a game that the Nets actually outmatched another team’s frontcourt, ok actually, Mikki Moore outmatches Zaza Pachulia, but Jason Collins will get owned by almost anyone, but still it’s nice to see we have an edge; Josh Smith will have the chance to go on a big night, well, because Richard Jefferson is on him, and Jason Collins will get himself dunked on alot of times.

The team needs to be cautious with VC’s minutes because of the slight injury that happened the other day, but considering he scored 13 points in a quarter alone, that should not be that big of a problem. It would also be my pleasure to see Jason Kidd chucking less threes in the game and focus more on getting to the hole, i know your legs aren’t as fast as they use to be, but hey, the older you get, the more lane savvy you have, do it, Jason, drive to the hole.

GO NETS, two straight games of facials for Jason Collins…hell yeah..oh btw, Lawrence, do play Josh Boone, like please?

Lines for the Game
Final Score : Nets by 7
VC projection : 18, 30 minutes
Jason Kidd projection : 12, 12, 5
Jason Collins projection : 4 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals
Matchup of the Game : Richard Jefferson – Josh Smith



1. coach - April 4, 2007

A must win for the Nets.No,Make that ,a should win for the Nets.If the Nets move up to dislodge the Wizards,maybe it’s good for them.Maybe not?

2. The Jersey FLiP - April 5, 2007

it would be great for them to play toronto in the playoffs, but i don’t think they could catch the wizards, but if they win both games against the wiz, who knows?

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