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Game 73 : New Jersey Nets – Philadelphia Sixers preview March 31, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA previews, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia Sixers.

New Jersey Nets 33-39
Philadelphia Sixers 29-43

The Sixers are thinking playoffs, i’m thinking maybe next season, The Sixers have two, crucial games against the Nets and New York, i’m hoping they lose them both (evil), ok maybe a win against the Knicks would do us good, (yo Seth!), anyway, the Sixers are hot as of late, and the Nets isn’t, and anyone with a decent memory would have remember the WALLOP the Sixers gave us back in February.

Vince hurt his knee early on against the Pistons but he came back and shot a brick in the end of regulation. The Sixers frontline aren’t that scary but it’s still better than any frontline that has Jason Collins as their starting Center, other than that, we are almost a notch better than the Sixers in every department, that is if Andre Iguodala decides to cut up RJ and turn into multi dimensional mode to kill us off. Kyle Korver and Boki Nachbar in the stalwarts of the bench battle?

Josh Boone will be on another tear if there is any chance of him playing 20 minutes plus, but i do hope he gets the start though; Vince Carter will be in a myriad trying to figure out whether should Skippy make an appearance today, but this win will kick us back into 7th place, and a lost will leave us hanging with the Pacers, so i really hope the team bucks up, and avenge that ugly defeat the last time the teams met. GO NETS, Go Willie Green, pile up the Cans

Lines for the Game
Final Score :
Nets by 5
VC projection : 31, 3 threes
Jason Kidd projection : 11, 10, 6
Jason Collins projection : 5 points, 6 rebounds, 3 TOs
Matchup of the Game : Vince Carter vs Cousin Skippy, Josh Boone vs Steven Hunter



1. Brian - March 31, 2007

You can’t reference Willie Watch and not link to it!

If Vince shows up the Nets probably win, if not, Iguodala outshines Kidd in a Sixers loss. The Sixers could be ahead of the Knicks come Wednesday, how great would that be?

2. Brian - March 31, 2007

err, “in a Sixers win” just woke up.

3. The Jersey FLiP - March 31, 2007

omg, brian, apologies from me here!!, the willie watch are one of my favorites, and i hope he gets 5 out of 5 today.

don’t you guys want Greg Oden?

4. Brian - April 1, 2007

I spent a couple of weeks rooting for a tank job after the Iverson trade, but I just felt dirty all the time. Tough to call yourself a fan when you’re rooting against your team. They won me over after I saw Iguodala mature in front of my eyes.

This was another ugly game tonight. Willie didn’t disappoint you. The Sixers are officially done, all I have left to root for is that they finish w/ a better record than the Knicks. Best of luck in the playoffs Nets fans.

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