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Game 71 : New Jersey Nets – Indiana Pacers March 28, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Indiana Pacers, NBA previews, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets.

New Jersey Nets 32-38
Indiana Pacers 31-39

Wanna know how bad the Pacers are after the All-Star break?, well they were 30-24 but thats when they went on a 1-15 Memphis Grizzlies’ like run to wound up with a 31-39 record, sounds like an easy prey for any good team to chew on right? well, for any good team it is, but the Nets ARE not a good team, they are mediocre at best. This sounds like a slugfest already.

The Nets are always a sucky team when theres a game after a few days of rest, Jermaine O’Neal hopes of getting traded is turining into a reality, i mean he really couldn’t carry a team behind him isn’t it, but i have no right to judge what he does, only the Pacers’ fans does,the only thing i know is that O’Neal is taking someone to school, oops, not talking about you Jason.

No matter how many 30 point games O’Neal is gonna put up in the future, the future of the Pacers are all in the hands of Danny Granger. So are the hopes of the Nets winning the game, we have to stop Danny Granger, O’Neal’s gonna get his points anytime in the game against someone like Jason Collins, but Danny Granger is more like the X-Factor.

If the win comes, we’re 7th! and 2 games in front of the Pacers, sorry for the short preview, have some work going on, be back tomorrow, cheers, GO NETS! btw, the Nets suck at home, oh my god. I hope we win.

Lines for the Game
Final Score : Nets by 3
VC projection : 33, 5, 5
Jason Kidd projection : 5, 11, 7
Jason Collins projection : 4 points, 6 rebounds, 6 PFs
Matchup of the Game : Vince Carter – Danny Granger



1. coach - March 28, 2007

should be a great game.time for the nets to wake up.the pacers are at all time low morale. pounch on ’em early will kill their desire to play to win. actually, the men to watch are granger and troy murphy rather than o’neal.

2. The Bonafied Boy - March 28, 2007

yup, pounce on them early and leave them reeling, but i did note that danny granger is the key to the pacers chances right? it’s just that O’Neal is taking someone back to school…

3. Anonymous - April 7, 2007

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