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Righty or Lefty? pick your shooter March 27, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA Discussions, NBA talk, Weekday Randomness.

There’s no Nets game for three straight days so, i’ve got alot time to think about something, and finish up my assignments at the same time (which isn’t finished yet)

So this thing came to me when i was at a competition, we know the great shooters, the Reggies, the Steves, the Larries, they are able of hitting three pointers at an amazingly high rate, and also capable of making clutch plays ala Reggie Miller or Dell Curry, but my question is, are right handed players better shooters than left handed players? or is it another way round?

In my opinion, i think that left handed shooters are more efficient and less streaky but right handed shooters can go hot at any moment, hence a streaky shooter, for exmaple righties like Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady are capable of piling up points in a hurry because they are streak scorers, if anyone saw the San Antonio Spurs – Houston Rockets game three years ago, you would probably agree too.

Guys like Chris Mullin and Toni Kukoc are left-handed and are solid shooters their whole career, but that’s just my opinion, what do you guys think? Tell me what you think in the comments



1. definitions887 - March 27, 2007

you can’t say that left handed shooters are not streaky, look at Nick van Exel, or maybe, Derek Fisher. just my 2 cents tho.

2. The Bonafied Boy - March 27, 2007

ah, yes, you are right beb, but still you have to wonder what derek fisher did to warrant himself the “streaky” title.

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