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Game 69 : New Jersey Nets – Orlando Magic review March 24, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Orlando Magic, Recap.

Seriously..for now, i don’t even want the Nets to make the playoffs, i mean how can a team that is tied with six minutes left just suddenly struggle to score shooting only 3-12, and when you only make 11 field goals in the second half, it’s hard to envision a win really.

– the defense was clicking for like the last 4-5 games, which was mising earlier from the season.
– Josh Boone was solid, he deserves more minutes, period
– 21 assists on 29 baskets, the offense was flowing in the first half.
– RJ had a solid game shooting 8-15, but he’s still taking too many three pointers.
– the Nets forced Orlando to 16 TOs through three quarters
– Vince Carter was the best player on the court with another all-round performance, and the second best player was probably Antoine Wright because he played only 3 minutes.
– the defense held Dwight Howard to only 6 six attempts that’s gotta be good right??right??
– er Happy Birthday Jason? Jason Kidd…

– three point shooting in the fourth was just 1-9, why can’t we try something else if the threes aren’t going down, like getting to the hoop?
– the shooting precentages are just god-awful, 34.5%, 34.8%, 64%, can anyone expect to win with this kind of shooting?
– I have no idea why our bigs are getting more than 5 rebounds per game, why are the guards in the team outrebounding the bigs in almost every game?

– to make things worse, Indiana beat the seemingly unbeatable Miami and now we’re down to 9th place in the Hunt.
– one of the reasons i don’t want the team to make the playoffs, if we do make the playoffs with the 8th seed, i don’t think we could go far playing against Detroit, so we have to go for the 7th spot, which will be hard.
– early in the season we struggled with the defense, but now we’re struggling with the offense, all these are related to RJ, he’s back so he brings back the D, but at the same time, the teaem needs to adapt to his style of play once again, give it a few more games then it’ll be fine.
– When is Boki’s slump going to end? and that crucial turnover, ooh it hurts
– just when i tought that Jason Collins will have a good game, he sucks it up with a 1 point 5 PF performance
– Marcus Williams you ballhogger!!!
– why is Mikki Moore taking more than 10 shots??and missing easy shots down low..

Lines of the Game
Final Score : New Jersey Nets 82 – 90 Orlando Magic
VC line : 27, 7, 5, 2-7 threes
Jason Kidd line : 8 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists
Jason Collins line : 1 point, 4 rebounds, 5 PFs



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