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Game 69 : New Jersey Nets – Orlando Magic March 23, 2007

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New Jersey Nets 31-37
Orlando Magic 31-38

this is a major, HUGE, BIG, ENORMOUS game for us; if we win this, we open up a 1.5 game lead, if we lose, say goodbye to the 7th seed. The last time the two teams met up in Orlando, we got swept like how a tsunami would hit a row of wooden house, Dwight Howard was just hitting everything, i mean you can’t possibly miss from 5 feet out, doesn’t say much about the Nets interior defense, but i personally think that this is the game that Jason Collins will play well; he’s just the perfect guy to keep Dwightey in check. Why? because he doesn’t fall for pump fakes (because he can’t jump) and is much more heavier and stronger than other Nets’ biggies.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s wrong with the Nets, first they shoot awfully from the line, secondly, they play stagnant offense, third, shoots too much threes, four, inconsistent defense. This is another game for us to lose, i mean we can win the game but we can lose the game easier, if the guys around Howard gets a groove going and start slicing up our defense, then it’s good night.

Another thing to note is that the team is struggling from the field, shooting grotesque percentages from the floor, yes, i am looking at you three, Boki, Jason, and RJ, and Jason Collins i heard is getting ready in case he gets taken to school tonight. Mikki Moore and Darko Milicic, what a match-up.

Keys to victory includes getting smart offensive oppurtunities, play at least college defense (not high school D), and go Hack-a-Dwight if there is a need for it, we got big bodies to throw around right??

Lines for the Game
Final Score : Nets by 5
VC projection : 31, 3 threes
Jason Kidd projection : 11, 9, 8
Jason Collins projection : 4 points, 8 rebounds, 5 PFs
Matchup of the Game : Vince Carter/Mikki Moore – Darko Milicic/Grant Hill



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