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Game 67 : New Jersey Nets – Los Angeles Clippers review March 19, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Los Angeles Clippers, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Recap.

AH HA, take that Cuttino, you think getting hot in the 2nd half can win the game for your Clips? dream on!! okay seriously, i think we were lucky to have won this, because the Clips were neck and neck with us, only until (Thanks Corey) Corey Maggette decided that enough is enough, i wanna turn the ball over, and made an incredibly ridiculous backcourt violation that in all sealed the game for us.

I did’nt watched the game at all, so all my facts are just from the statistics;

the GOOD
– Jason Kidd started off hot, and was unconcious in this game,23 points, 12 assists, 6 stls and 6 boards, including some clutch defensive plays near the end.
– Mikki Moore making clutch FTs near the end, that’s a good sign.
– RJ is back, 18 points and 12 rebounds, and taking the pressure off the VC and Jason Kidd in the early going.
– for the first time i’ve seen, the match-up zone is actually working and the Clips was at times listless with their sails. and Elton Brand didn’t really got it going until the 2nd half, which attributed to good defense.
– another strong game by the bench, Josh Boone showed signs on why he’s a better frontcourt backup compared to Cliff.
– Antoine Wright is back and sulking it.
– you want leadership? you can find it in Jason Kidd; 13 assists and big plays down the stretch.
– 39 Free Throws?? we will make a fuss about the misses later.

– Richard Jefferson had 18 -12, but he was godawful from the line; which has been the case the entire season, for the Nets.
– Marcus Williams is a ballhog, yes he is; the Clips exploited him like Jason Collins being outplayed by any average post player.
– the reason the Nets won this is because they shot a ton more FTs than Clips, which they shot at a 69% clip.
– Marcus Williams was -12 when he’s in the game, Jason Kidd was +18.
– The Clippers shot tons better than the Nets, but still lost.


Lines of the Game
Final Score :
New Jersey Nets 101 – 95 Los Angeles Clippers
VC Line : 22 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists
Jason Kidd Line : 23 points, 13 assists, 6 rebounds, 6 steals
Jason Collins Line : 3 points, 2 rebounds, 3 PFs



1. coach - March 19, 2007

great game . the nets are trying very hard . you can see that in the way vince is playing . he attacks the basket most of the time at just about every game .

2. The Bonafied Boy - March 19, 2007

ahh yes, one of the rare games that he did; but he was still struggling early on, in a way, i think he has lost his aggresiveness around the rim unlike a few years ago when the double clutches that he’s doing now should be dunks.

3. Anonymous - March 24, 2007

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