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Game 66 : New Jersey Nets – Miami Heat review March 16, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.

I don’t know what to say…i don’t know who to blame for this loss; for my opinion, i think we played well enough to secure a W; but things didnt work out for the team, damn i just hate the Heat so much. My friends are saying that the New Jersey – Miami rivalry is going Miami’s way but in my opinion, how will there be a rivalry if the other team doesn’t even win 10% of the games played.

the GOOD
– i think the stretch when Marcus Williams came in and the team started to make a run in the 2nd quarter is by far the most entertaining Nets stretch in the game.
– this New Jersey team is a different team from what they were two years back; now they’re a three point bombing team with mediocre three point shooters.
– the defense did good on the Heat during the first half.
– big on bench points again
– the matchup zone that Lawrence Frank used was really effective in holding the Heat to one shot, but that’s during the first half.
– Jason Kidd was brilliant distributing the ball but that’s about it.

– Shaq played limited minutes in the first half, but his damage was done in the third; we don’t have any answers for him do we?
– when you are a three point shooting team; you live and die by the three; we were busy knocking down threes in the first quarter but were cold since then.
– Reggie Miller’s quote about Vince Carter was just as true as anything can be; after VC missed a layup, he said 5 years ago; it would have been a dunk.
– VC again; this time he isn’t missing from outside, he’s just not finishing the ball strong enough; man you’re known as a dunker, stop making acrobatic moves around the rim to buy a lay-up. dunk the ball hard or get fouled trying.
– Marcus Williams you BALLHOGGER.!
– I HATE ALONZO MOURNING..he’s taunting us every second; i wished i have the chance to punch him, not that he would feel any pain though.
– what is wrong with your mind FRANK!, you start hack-a-Shaq with 4 minutes on the clock and stopped doing it two possessions later? Reggie said you were saving players for OT, but that’s BULLSHIT, if you cant even get to OT, why bother saving fouls.
– Vince Carter’s 6 TOs 3 came in the last 2 minutes, man watching the last 2 was tormenting.
– Jason Williams 13 assists 0 TOs. did i say he’s a Jason Kidd ripoff?
– the whole team was shooting atrociously from the field, 38%
– Eddie Jones and James Posey was really good defensively on Vince; three offensive fouls by VC.
– two straight threes by Jason Williams and Shimmy Fats killed us.

Lines of the Game
Final Score : New Jersey Nets 86 – 93 Miami Heat
VC projection : 12 points, 5 boards, 5 assists, 4-15 FGs
Jason Kidd projection : 9 points, 10 rebounds, 14 assists
Jason Collins projection : 3 points, 3 rebounds, 4 PFs

(edit: sorry bout the typo in the preview, Jason Kapono wasn’t playing, and the Friday Randomness will be up later. cheers.)



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