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Game 66 : New Jersey Nets – Miami Heat preview March 15, 2007

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New Jersey Nets 30-35
Miami Heat 33-29

Taking a line from Bullets Forever; HUCK THE FEAT.

First of all, we’re at home, nothing’s better than home; the Nets have a winning record at home. Second of all; the Heat just completed a 6-0 homestand and are on a 7 game winning streak. I dunno what’s wrong with the Heat. i mean i dunno what’s wrong with Heat, i mean i just cannot accept the fact that they are winning without Dwyane Wade, they should be so losing; but Shaq proves once again that his words meant gold, he picked up the slack just when the team needed him; which is really BULLSHIT. argh..call me narrow minded, call me bitter, call me whatever. I hope we beat the Heat, seriously

Things going our way include Richard Jefferson getting his spring back into his legs, scoring 26 for the first time in almost half a year, Jason Kidd and Vince Carter shooting and playing good basketball again, the bench averaging almost 31ppg. Vince Carter averaging 33ppg at home the last five games; and the Heat are only 12-20 away from home, which is almost as atrocious as the Nets’ own away record.

As fat as Antoine Walker and O’Neal is, we can never compete with them on the frontcourt; Jason Collins wouldn’t even make the bench, don’t say the starting 5 for a coach in the corract mindset. (yup, Lawrence you have issues.) and in contrast they have a 38 year old Alonzo Mourning who can still block shots and still play some ball unlike Clifford who stands around launching jumpers.

The only way we could beat the Heat is to outscore them offensively and hope that they go cold for maybe a quarter,because Shaq is going to have a field day with guys like Jason Collins and Mikki Moore on him (Josh Boone could even see extra minutes today.). Our backcourt guys wil need to take advantage of the thin backcourt of the Heat. Jason Williams is maybe a flashier Jason Kidd cloneminus the rebounding, and if Vince Carter could play like how he did in the last two, being patient, pass the ball, drive to the hole and play smart (that’s not much right?), he’ll be a handful for Eddie Jones.

We’ll see whether Richard Jefferson is fully healed when he is matched up with Jason Kapono, Ya, Kapono is a spot up shooter, but he runs through screens quite well, so we will see whether RJ spends more efforttryin to score on Kapono or just let the game come to him.

I’m really undecided over this, one part of me wants the Nets to win badly, but another part of me have a really bad feeling about this, but plaaying at home makes me think Jersey will prevail. GO NETS!

Lines for the Game
Final Score : Nets by 5
VC projection : 27, 3 threes, 6 assists
Jason Kidd projection : 16, 11, 10
Jason Collins projection : 0, 6 PFs, 3 rebounds



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