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Jason Collins in oh Shit! Friendly Fire!! March 13, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Antoine Wright, Jason Collins, JC SUCKO-METER CONTEST.

Ya, the next instalment of the Sucko-meter does not feature any NOOCH players because well; the players in that team are at least average, unlike JC who is below (say that a thousand times) average. So, who’s challenging Jason Collins you ask; well, none other than Antoine Wright, yo dawg!

here’s what Net’s Daily’s news byte said about Antoine Wright’s appearance in Bob Costa’s HBO special

Wright: I Had a Better Education in High School than College
Antoine Wright’s college education–or lack of it–will be part of a Bob Costas HBO special Tuesday night. In an examination of the student-athlete, Wright tells Costas about the classes he took in poultry science and floral design at Texas A&M. Wright admits he took them “because I needed a grade” not because he was interested in chickens or flowers. Wright says his high school education at Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts better served him than his time at A&M.




1. coach - March 14, 2007

wright better shape up or else he’ll be out of the nba sooner than he expects. then ,he will need his poultry training .

2. The Bonafied Boy - March 15, 2007

i really think that wright is RJ’s second coming; it’s just that for some reason, he’s afraid to play hiw own game.

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