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Game 64 : New Jersey Nets – Memphis Grizzlies March 12, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Memphis Grizzlies, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets.

New Jersey Nets 28-35
Memphis Grizzlies 16-48

Ya i know; i don’t need no reminding that the team lost five in a row; i don’t need reminding that the team got spun around by the Rockets and Spurs in their last two. But hey; look at the bright side will ya? we got the Grizzlies coming up; For God’s sake it’s the Grizzlies, the worst (yup; it’s not the Cs) team in the freaking league; i know it’s away from home, i know we lost five straight; i know we are a MEDIOCRE Team; but the Griz are (once again) the WORST team in the league, although they are playing at home, MEDIOCRE and WORST; it’s time to make your own assumptions.

i think this game is the game Jason Kidd breaks out of his slump; in the last few games, he’s only a MEDIOCRE 28% shooter and is only averaging 8.0 points per game; and now you know why the Nets are only averaging 85 ppg in their last three. and we shot under 45% for five straight games. Vince Carter? no comments, he’s an enigma; enough to awe you to praise him like some sort of bonafide god, next thing he comes up and sucks like the water in your drainage. He’s shooting 33% in four.

Richard Jefferson will be in his thrid since coming back from injury; although i don’t expect much from him; but i think he would still be able to contribute with Rudy Gay on him; note that he missed a total of three dunks since his return.

Mike Miller and Pau Gasol; we gotta keep our EYEs on them and actually play some defense on them; but another guy who can really torch us for almost anywhere would be Damon Stoudamire; plus their high octane offense would be a real test for our fragile defense, fast ball, pushing the tempo; not really the kind of offense i wanna see the team face after 5 straight losses. It’s gonna be tight, but i think the Nets can win this and get a game back from the Knicks and Pacers.

Go Nets. cheers.

Lines for the Game
Final Score :
Nets by 7
VC Projection : 23, 1 threes
Jason Kidd projection : 21, 8, 9
Jason Collins projection : 0 points, 5 rebounds, 5 PFs
Matchup of the Game : Vince Carter – Mike Miller



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2. Anonymous - March 24, 2007

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