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Game 63 : New Jersey Nets – San Antonio Spurs review March 11, 2007

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The game wasn’t lost when Tony Brothers ejected Lawrence Frank and Jason Kidd; the game wasn;t lost even when VC chucked up three straight mediocre jumpers; the game was lost when the team got it down to 9 and Manu Ginobili hit a three and a dunk to put them up by 14. The Nets hadn’t beat the Spurs in five years and the streak continues.

– the team showed great character to pull back within 7 even after Jason Kidd and Lawrence Frank was ejected.
– Mikki Moore was solid and hit a lot of jumpers within 20 feet.
– Vince Carter is automatic when he drives to the rim.
– it’s good to see Richard Jefferson back and starting
– Jason Collins had a few good moments, but really its just one.
– Josh Boone had 11 points and 8 boards in 20 minutes.!!(see! i told you he’s better than JC.)
– at least Hassan Adams didn’t start right??right???
– Mikki Moore will be a big problem for the front office come off season; will Rod Thorn give him an extension or will he move on. i mean he’s been on fire since Nenad Krstic went out, and his stock is rising.
– the team actually executed better under Bill Cartwright; or maybe the Spurs defense was stagnant

the BAD
– Tony Brothers, you had to do that don’t you; what’s with you, you stopped and had a word with Jason and then moments later you had to T him up and eject him; Jason wasn’t even near you; oh cookies.
– Vince was at his chucking best in the third, he had no touches in like 6 minutes and once he got it; it’s Skippy time
– The Refs have to give us some calls right? Vince was fouled like twice going to the hole, Jason was fouled multiple times and no calls. we’re a losing team but please, some respect would be nice.

Flopper’s ideology

– i hate our team’s offensive philosophy, the movement was passive; nothing was going on, no cuts, no penetrations, just two dribbles and then the pull-up; supposedly we can’t win games playing like that?
– like the offense, the shooting was terrible, especially from downtown; we are atrocious.
– Jason Kidd drove down the lane and missed a left handed layup; Tony Parker comes back at the other ned with a double clutch, that’s that kind of night.
– losers of 5 straight; that’s not good; a game behind the Knicks for the 8th spot that’s even worse.
– 2 losses at a combined points total of 47.
– Marcus Williams is a BALL HOG!

well the expectations for the team to win even one game against the Texas big three was at best none; although i think their best chance of winning one was at Houston, which ended in a blowout. Now the roadtrip gets abit easier against Memphis, but after seeing what the team did when the play the Cs and Philly, i won’t be too overly optimistic yet.

Lines of the Night
Final Score : New Jersey Nets 77 – 93 San Antonio Spurs
VC Line : 7-18, 0-5 3s, 18 points, 7 rebounds
Jason Kidd Line : 7 points, 7 assists, 4 rebs, 3-11 FGs
Jason Collins Line : 2 points, 4 PFs



1. arsenalist - March 12, 2007

Damn man, the Knicks are ahead of you guys. I’d rather see NJ sneak into the playoffs than NY.

So the Raptors are playing the Knicks twice in the coming couple weeks, who you cheering for?

2. The Bonafied Boy - March 12, 2007

it has to be toronto isn’t it; it looks bleak now the streak of i think six consecutive post season appearances will be snapped i;m afraid

3. The Bonafied Boy - March 12, 2007

on another angle i would really love to see the pacers dropping out of the race; who says the atlantic division sucks, they have the chance to put three teams into the playoffs. LOL

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