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Game 63 : New Jersey Nets – San Antonio Spurs March 10, 2007

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New Jersey Nets (28-34)
San Antonio Spurs (44-18)

Okay, the Nets are officially a losing team, i mean they were under 0.500 but you know i wouldn’t call them a losing team because i still have faith that they could maybe go on a 10-15 game winning streak like previous seasons, but after watching the game against Houston; no doubt they are a losing team. I have no idea how happy the people at Toronto are seeing this happening to Vince Carter’s team but i’m certain they won’t be feeling sad.

Once again we have to see Jason Collins going up against a premier post player; i mean yea, he’s a joke but i’m starting to symphatise him for being such a flump. Remember five years ago when the Nets met the Spurs in the NBA Finals and Jason Collins was being touted as a future replacement for Todd Mac, not that T-Mac was great, but if JC’s had half of T-Mac’s production, it would have been a big plus.

The Spurs, a month or two ago, they looked like they were slipping out of contention for not being as efficient as they were a few seasons ago on the road; but they went on a 11 game winning streak and counting; and suddenly they rocketed to all the Power Rankings and are now a contender again.

During the 11 game span, no team has scored over 100 against the Spurs and although they showed some creaks in their armour against Portland, if they face the team who played against Houston the day before, i doubt that both streaks will be broken, for our offense remains as erratic as it is.

It’s going to be a tough night for our team out there. Go Nets! (with a whimper)

Random Predictions
– Tony Parker showing some moves to Jason Collins
– Bruce Bowen defines DIRTY. yo Kobe! what up!
– Timmy Duncan sulking it up and scoes 30
– Francisco Elson, Matt Bonner, Fabricio Oberto, Jackie Butler; pick your poison
– and yes there is Manu Ginobili back on fire. (i hate him with a passion)
– Hassan Adams will be starting…for the love of god

Lines for the Game
Final Score : Spurs by 15
VC projection : 23, another Skippy shooting night coming up
Jason Kidd projection : 11, 7, 7. terrible shooting returns?
Jason Collins projection : will be considered lucky to break the 20 minutes barrier guarding TD.
Matchup of the Game : Bostjan Nachbar – Manu Ginobili. i have a feeling their games resembles each others’



1. definitions887 - March 10, 2007

Go Nets, kick the flopper’s ass

2. arsenalist - March 10, 2007

Watch out for Bruce Bowen man, he already took out Anthony Parker. The guy is a thug who should be locked up. NBA is pretty f***ed up when Kobe gets suspended and Bowen doesn’t.

Raptors got killed in SA, chances are so will the Nets.

3. The Bonafied Boy - March 10, 2007

oh my god you comments are so true; i’m bracing myself for another massacre in texas

4. The Bonafied Boy - March 11, 2007

when was the last time VC had a good game?

5. Anonymous - March 31, 2007

This is the most amazing game I have ever seen, I enjoyed watching it from the first minute until the end of the game.

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