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Game 61 : New Jersey Nets – Dallas Mavericks review March 7, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Dallas Mavericks, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Recap.

This loss made me proud; i mean, ya, after all it’s a loss, why am i feeling proud over a loss? well because Jersey played with heart tonight, they played well and they took the game to the best team in the league before falling into one of their fourth quarter Funks to lose the game.

– we managed to hang on and play ball with the best team in the league for THREE QUARTERS!!, that’s gotta be good.
– Jason Kidd had a near triple double
– when was the last time you saw Mikki Moore score 20? (not that long ago really)
– we only had 12 TOs and have the same number of steals and blocks against Dallas
– VC rebounded from that Philly debacle for a strong 32, 8, 6, but not the W sadly
– i have to repeat this, we managed to hang around for THREE FREAKING QUARTERS!

– 6 minutes without a basket in the fourth, missing nine straight shots in the process, one of those days really.
– when was the last time you saw Mikki Moore grab only 1 rebound? NO, When was the last time you saw a seven footer grab only 1 rebound in 35 minutes?
1 rebound in 35 minutes!

– Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki were just too much for our defense, and to an extent, (i hate to say this) Devin Harris and Jerry Stackhouse.
– we need a good, big, strong (Everything) interior defender badly, no one was able to stop Dirk and the MVP candidate took our bigs to German school.
– i’ve probably sound like an old lady but i have to say this everytime this happens; WHY IS HASSAN ADAMS STARTING?
why is Boki playing only 26 minutes? THE GUY NEEDS BURN!! he’s our best small forward, need i repeat?

see that??play him!!

– Marcus Williams? 7 minutes? the guy’s our answer to Devin Harris;
– yes once again, the Nets prove that they are one of the worst three point shooting team in the country.

Lines of The Night
Final Score : New Jersey 89 – 102 Dallas Mavericks
VC Line : 10-25, 12-13FT, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 32 points
Jason Kidd Line : 11 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 4-11
Jason Collins Line : 4 points, 3 rebounds 0-2 FT

(edit: T-dot and New York lost; including one of the most cruel fniishes in the NBA for a game this season, my condolences Stephon and Seth; HEHEHE)



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