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the Nets are upbeat no matter what. March 6, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Eastern Conference, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets.

we lost to two of the worst in the league consecutively and now the Knicks are only half a game behind us for 8th spot in the playoffs, but, Lawrence Frank is still very optimistic that the team will make the playoffs

“We lost two games in a row, Yet if you think about it, that’s kind of how our season has gone. It isn’t as if it’s an anomaly. This is kind of who we’ve been. The key is can we get ourselves back on course? These two losses, although very disappointing, we have a lot of life in us. We’re going to have to regroup and play a whole lot smarter and a whole lot harder and a whole lot more together, especially on the defensive end.”

The thing is, he was spot on on two things; this is really what the Nets have been this season, they play promisingly for like 5 or 6 games, then sink without a trace in the next 7-8, secondly; the Nets sucked defensively this season, it’s not like they aren’t trying to defend, but with much of the team what came back from last season, where the Nets where tops in the L for opp FG % last season, we’ve seen none of that except in flashes.

“we’re in the playoffs right now if you look at the standings and we just have to keep it that way, So it’s basically up to us. We don’t have to look up to other teams and hope they lose. We have to do our thing.”

Boki is spot on on that one, to make the playoffs, it’s all up to us to make it happen, but the problem is now, i don’t see the Nets winning any of their next three against the Texas big three, so the Nets really have to see how Indiana and New York plays and hope that they lose, if they win, it’s just gonna keep piling on the pressure on us to produce.

(edit: Orlando just whipped the craziness out of Michael Redd’s Bucks so Orlando too is just half a game behind the Nets)



1. Seth - March 6, 2007

Creep, creep, creep son.

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