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Game 61 : New Jersey Nets – Dallas Mavericks preview March 6, 2007

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I hate to type this out again and i hate to start again with this line; but the fact is, we lost to two of the worst teams in the league. screw the talk that both teams were on a three game winning streak when they faced us, they are crappy teams (sorry) that the Nets should’ve beat but instead we lost in a manner that even Joakim Noah’s in game antics wouldn’t understand.

One good thing about the Dallas game is that the Mavs have been struggling A LITTLE BIT as of late, needing Dirk’s heroics and King James’ Jason Collins like FT shooting to grind out wins against the Magic and Cavs; but, that’s about all the good things we can muster up for the Nets coming into tomorrow’s game.

The Nets have their hands full just because they are against the most loaded team in basketball today and because the game will be full of matchups that almost none favors the Nets, well there’s one that does; but whether he takes advantage of it, we’ll have to see, Vince Carter again is the key to whether we have a shot at winning this or we lose our third straight; look for Vince to go out early aggressively even if he’s missing shots, he would wanna make a statement in the game.

I really don’ see anyone on the Nets roster who is efficient defensively to stop Dirk Nowitzki, the best player on the roster who could do that is probably Clifford Robinson, but dude’s 40 years old and even he’s the best guy suited for the job doesn’t mean he could really keep up with Dirk.

my face is as grim as his when it comes to winning the game

This could really get very ugly early is we don’t assert ourselves, so it’s crucial we come out strong like the game against the Sixers and let Dallas work their way back in the game rather than the other way round.

Lines for the Game
Final Score :
Dallas by 15
VC projection : 24, 2 threes
Jason Kidd projection : 15, 9, 10
Jason Collins projection : 2, 5rebounds, 2 steals, 5PFs
Matchup of the Game : Bostjan Nachbar – Josh Howard

(edit: oh yea, Lawrence PLEASE do not start Hassan Adams anymore..PLEASE!!)
(edit PART 2: Miami and Orlando just won. so right now New Jersey is out of the playoffs)



1. The Bonafied Boy - March 7, 2007

goodbye to the nightingale

2. definitions887 - March 7, 2007

your best friend hassan is starting!!!; Jet is white hot

3. The Bonafied Boy - March 7, 2007

if only vince and jason could hit some shots tonight

4. definitions887 - March 7, 2007

they are only down by 12 come on

5. The Bonafied Boy - March 7, 2007

7-0 run to start the 2nd woohoo!! 25-25 !!!!

6. The Bonafied Boy - March 7, 2007

another run to start the third??

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