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Game 60 review : New Jersey Nets – Philadelphia Sixers March 5, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia Sixers, Recap.

let me spell the situation to everyone out there all right? first we sucked all the way to lose to the Celts in OT, then we sucked for 36 minutes to get ourselves blown out by the Sixers; oh yea, did i tell you guys that we’ve got the league leading Dallas Mavericks next and the Knicks are only a game behind us? oh my Skippy, where were you Vince?

the GOOD
– Boki Nachbar led the team in scoring, he was really the only bright spot in a game where the whole team (other than Jason Kidd) sucked

yeah, the Intensity Man..

– Jason Kidd had his 10th triple double of the season, his 85th of his career. 11 points, 14 assists, rebounds, 3 steals. (Edit : if he was to give his post game comment, it would have been i would rather have the W than the trip dub.)

– the team only turned the ball over 11 times, compared to their average of 14

– Eddie House is hot..( alright i ran out of good things to say.)

the BAD
– the team shot 38% from the field and even manage to shoot worse than what Ben Wallace shot from the FT line, total morbidness; did i mention they let the Sixers shoot 49% from the field? NO i’m not joking.

– this stat really baffles me, Philly had 3 bigs over 6-10 in the game, including sucko-meter alum Joe Smith, they combined for 27 boards,(Joe Smith had 10); Jersey had 4 bigs over 6-10 and only had a combined total of 16? WHAT THE FUCK? i’m going Nuts..

– i said before in the preview that VC was going to suck in the game, but 4-20 for 9 points? he exceeded whatever (LOW) expectations i had for him; way to go Vince.

– AND, need i say this again? Bostjan Nachbar is the best SF in the team right now, so stop playing Hassan Adams, he’s not giving us anything, not to knock him down or what, but Lawrence, we need our best players out there, you can’t have a player whose playing as good as Boki play for only 25 minutes, we’re in a playoff race dude; you had your chance to play Hassan like 50 games ago, and you didn’t, so get over with it and play whoever’s good for the team right now. PLEASE..

Hassan shouldn’t be playing that much, really..

– oh yea, we were out rebounded by the Sixers 56-43, why? because we missed that many damned shots

– after whatever promising performance by the bigs shotblocking wise, all were destroyed in today’s rubbish performance where only good ole’ Cliff and Boki recorded a grand total of TWO BIG blocks.

– the Sixers had 22 TOs and we still lost; why? because we shot incredibly suckily from the field which proceeded to shock me out of the gutter.

– ya i’m still bitter over the loss at Boston; and yes i;m not not ever going to wear my Paul Pierce jersey EVER.

that look pretty much sums it up..

– Sixers totally steamrolled, i mean STEAMROLLED the Nets. is there any other phrases that can make me spell this out clearer? SIXERS STEAMROLLED THE NETS, ahh, this sounds cool.

Final Score : New Jersey Nets 86 – 99 Philadelphia Sixers
VC Stat Line : 9 points, 6 rebounds 5 assists, 4-20 FGs
Jason Kidd Line : 11 points, 14 rebounds, 14 assists, 3 Stls
Jason Collins Line : 2 points, 4 rebounds, 3 Steals, 0 PFs



1. Anonymous - March 6, 2007

either vince carter is playing like rubbish or the nets suck

2. coach - March 6, 2007

the raptors lost 2 games in a row and the same with the nets . what’s happening ?

3. The Bonafied Boy - March 6, 2007

it’s called the atlantic division craziness, celts and sixers are both on a 4 game roll

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