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Jason Collins Sucko-Meter Contest #2 March 4, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Jason Collins, JC SUCKO-METER CONTEST, Joe Smith.

the second installment of this features once again our homie, Jason Collins, against another sucko-meter originals, Joe Smith

Jason Collins
we know what’s with him and the 10/10 rating

Joe Smith
– was a former no.1 draft pick
– Kevin Mchale costed his franchise 5 years of first round draft picks by going nuts over this guy, he has to be of some worth. but no, he’s got none
– apparently he misplaced $100,000 worth of jewellry in his room
– went nuts over Bojangles
– plays like he’s on the moon, he glides
Sucko-meter rating : 5/10

he doesn’t look like a challenger to Jason’s throne but we’ll never know with him and with Jason Collins, stay tuned for the game, Go Nets, cheers



1. The Bonafied Boy - March 5, 2007

jason collins suck! period!!!

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