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Game 60 preview : New Jersey Nets – Philadelphia Sixers March 4, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA predictions, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia Sixers.

New Jersey Nets 28-31
Philadelphia Sixers 21-38

this is another one of those must win games because firstly, we let a game slip away from our hands in the Boston game, and secondly, this maybe the easiest game in our six game roadtrip; and finally, it’s really important that we kick off the roadtrip in a winning manner because after this one, Dallas, Rockets and the Spurs are on the next three.

Richard Jefferson is with the team but he’s probably a no go for the game, Philly have won three straight and four straight at home, while Jersey sucked at on the road; one thing that i do not like right now is Lawrence Frank starting the game with Hassan Adams, yeah, Boki isn;t starting because he’s a bench spark, but come on, we have those guys in Marcus Williams and Eddie House, we need to start that man. The good thing from the last loss was the shot blocking of the Jersey big men, and it’ll be good to see whether the last two was a fluke or they are starting to form some defensive presence down low.

Andre Iguodala will be tight on Vince Carter so expect him to start shooting more bricks from 3 (but i hope he proves me wrong), Jason Kidd will most probably rebound from his mediocre performance against the Celtics, so he will come back quite strong, Jason Collins will revert to his old self and start another scoreless spree.

Final Score : New Jersey Nets by 3
VC Projection : 19, 1 three
Jason Kidd projection : 16, 8, 10
Jason Collins projection : 0 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks, 4 PFs



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