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Friday Randomness March 2, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Friday Randomness, NBA talk.

– i feel sorry for Shaun Livingston’s triple ligament tear, cheer up joe, get well soon, it just makes me think, he was involved in trade talks with the Nets, if he was really traded, he wouldn’t have got injured, will he ever be the same player again? or he just needs to add 30 pounds onto his body

– the owner of one of my favorite site, Howie from NBA Basketball and other unrelatedness, has been drafted in by the Fanhouse.

– apparently VC will be having quite an off-season, with the Bobcats, Magic wanting to sign him onto their roster, and also the nets who wants to resign him even if it means paying the luxury tax.(ya rite)

– Starbury actually wept for Jamal Crawford? how dramatic, well some love from your neighbours, we nearly wept for you too Jamal.

– Reggie Miller to the Mavs, Charles Barkley to Phoenix? come on, they could use some Krispy Kreme after that loss to Philly

– New Orleans Hornets will make the playoffs and the Clippers won’t, Orlando won’t be making it and New York and Jerseyland will both be in; say goodbye to your championship Miami, you guys won’t be there either. My bold predictions of the day.

– Zach Randolph’s probably making team vacation plans in the player’s only meetng, seriously

– no team from New Jersey is in the Big East tournament, >
edit: i’ll be doing something on the five game roadtrip maybe later today, plus, posting on a Mac sucks



1. coach - March 2, 2007

i can see vc playing for the knicks if isiah and grunwald stay there although the owner of the nets said he’s willing to pay the penalty tax if it comes to that .
charlotte ? no way is vc going to play for mj !

2. The Bonafied Boy - March 2, 2007

ya coach, vc will never play for mj, but if he really leaves nj, i hope he doesn’t go to the knicks, i’ll hate him for life.lol

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