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How Sucky Jason Collins really is February 28, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Jason Collins, JC SUCKO-METER CONTEST, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets.

alright first of all, the new feature in the blog that features Jason Collins now has a new name, it’s called the JC SUCKO-METER CONTEST, and if you think that’s a terrible name, tell me what you think in the comments. plus the stats will be up at the sidebar; look it up. (it works like this, JC will get a W if he out-performs the player that is supposedly suckier than or cmparable to him, he’ll get a L if he was out-performed by the other guy.)

Jason Collins, i really do not hate you, in fact I’m glad that you actually haven’t scored in 4 games, that means you’re not robbing off shots from players who could really score, i am just annoyed that you are taking minutes away from legit biggies like Josh Boone and Mikki Moore and heck even Mile Ilic, but seriously 0 points in 4 games? what’s this? do you need Sun Ming Ming to guard you so you can score?



well, Jason here is a con artist man, he’s smart, he’s a Stanford graduate, you know those Stanford grads, they are those brilliant business strategist that comes from Stanford U and they could really make money, so is Jason Collins, and not so with Jarron Collins. you see, Jason Collins made himself a BIG profit by actually conning his way into probably his second biggest achievement of being drafted by the Houston Rockets in the 2001 draft with the no.18 pick. three years later he conned his way to his biggest achievement yet, when he duped the Nets into signing him to a $25 million contract extension.

He did both of that by duping both teams into thinking that, hey he’s got quite a game, he can shoot threes, he can shoot 3-12 from the free throw line and say they’re giving him a chance to improve his stats, he can not score in 4 games, he can grab less than 5 rpg in 25 mpg (which is even lesser than Nate Robinson), he shoots worse than i can think of any frontcourt player who actually shoots 2.2 shots per game and still only managed to hit 34% of his shots, i don’t think anyone in the history of the NBA is capable of doing that, i mean no matter how sucky Mengke Bateer was, he’ still able to hit a better percentage than good ole’ Collins. With this kind of package, i am really not surprised why he was drafted in front of better bigs like Brendan Haywood, Zach Randolph and Mehmet Okur.

Jason Collins’ all time Sucko-meter rating : 10/10, which isn’t going to change even if he explodes for 50 points against the Cs, because his damage is done, he doomed the Nets franchise into obscurity by making us resign him for $25million



1. definitions887 - February 28, 2007

i’m anticipating the next time New Jersey faces Utah, Twins vs TWins how’s that

2. Anonymous - February 28, 2007

good point – jarron has a good chance to outsuck jason .. although i go back and forth in my head because jason plays more minutes leading to a greater sheer amount of suckage .. hmm a suckage per minute category would also find some use .. so many hoops statheads nowadays .. everyone knows everything .. anyways it looks like you’ve opened a can of worms here so nice job and keep steppin

3. The Bonafied Boy - March 1, 2007

ahh ya you’ve got a great point there, i think that’s what i;m gonna do next

4. coach - March 1, 2007

jason has been playing with one leg
since 2 years ago . he’s basically a defensive guy so they say.

5. Anonymous - March 1, 2007

just to pose a rhetorical/hypothetical – how can one compare jason collins of today with yinka dare of yesterday . this question might not have an answer

6. The Bonafied Boy - March 2, 2007

well both were 1st round draft picks and both had knee injuries, both have sucky career averages, both couldn’t buy an assist.

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