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Game 58 review : New Jersey Nets – Washington Wizards February 28, 2007

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Vince Carter started quite hot, and scored Jersey’s first 11 points with a mixture of outside shots and two alley-oops from Kidd, but then he cooled off and in came the Netsational (totally fugly), whose performances during a TV timeout sucked the life out of the Nets, and the Wiz and Roger Mason took advantage of it, hitting 4 straight threes in a 2nd quarter run. The Nets were totally lifeless in the 2nd quarter, just like they usually do in the first halves of games.

– Nets set a franchise record of 16 shots from downtown in the game; let’s break it down, 6 from Kidd, 3 each from House and Boki the Intensity Man, and 2 each from Cliff and Vince.
– Boki Nachbar’s play has been making my head turn seriously, his play as of late is as good as it gets, he could shoot, and drive and could rebound.
– Jason had a stretch in the third where he hit 5 straight threes

– the team played a game where they actually closed out the game in the fourth, allowing the Wizards team only 23 points, and choking their offense to a still in the last 4 minutes.
– good to see Cliff having a solid shooting night. (although he did had a bad air ball)
good team defense to force Gilbert Arenas to another off night, but he did heat up during the third which scared me abit.
– VC driving to the hoop when the going was tough for Jersey in the third and making some big plays in the process; a foul by Calvin Booth on VC and he still made the basket where he layed the ball in without looking at the rim.
– Vince Carter took care of business in the first and Jason Kidd took over in the third.
– the team had 29 assists on 37 baskets.
– Jason Collins had 3 freaking blocks
– Jason Kidd rejected Agent Z3ro’s shot
– Hassan Adams starting

Eddie House’s shooting, ya he did make 3 but he missed 5 straight shots in the 2nd quarter where he was hesitant whether to shoot or not.
– the team’s play in the second quarter was ugly, Roger Mason was dropping threes from everwhere and Donnell Taylor had 3 assists in that stretch; the team had actually built quite a lead in the second but their inability to knock down shots (OPEN SHOTS!!) meant the Wiz had a chance to hang around and even took the lead into halftime.
– Jason Kidd slip and fell causing us Net’s fan to endear the possibility of an injury added to injuries, luckily he was ok

Roger Mase was killing us with threes

settling for long range bombs early in the offense and in transition, ya i know we made 16 threes, but the other 16 we missed was either open threes or bad threes.
– Jason Kidd gave up an uncontested layup and kicked it out for Eddie House to launch a three, which he missed.
– who’s playing D on Roger Mason and Jarvis Hayes?
– we did a bad job of boxing out Brendan Haywood down the post, he was killing us with his offensive boards, but the good news was he didn’t really played that much.
– Marcus Williams sucked today, that’s why he did not get minutes and Eddie House did.
– can someone tell me again why are the team defense letting Mr. Jarvis Hayes make those shots?
– when can Jason Collins score?

This is really another solid win at home for us to once again move into the 8th playoff spot and again 3.5 games behind T-dot, who are playing tomorrow, Orlando and Miami are slumping and now it seems possible that maybe we could see three Atlantic division teams in the postseason. We’re now on a three game roll and have a chance to maybe extend the streak against the Cs!!!

for those who doesn’t understand my language, this would be better for you guys,

New Jersey Nets 113- 101 Washington Wizards
VC Stat Line : 27points, 3rebs, 6assists, 2 threes
Jason Kidd Line : 26points, 9 assists, 8 rebounds, 6 threes
Jason Collins : 0 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 assists, 2 PFs



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