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Jason Collins against… February 27, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Jason Collins, Michael Ruffin, NBA talk.

i’ve been thinking on how to integrate this feature into the blog, so this is just some kind of a test, i wonder whether it will work out, so it goes like this, before each New jersey game, i’m gonna compare Jason Collins to the opposing team’s suckiest player. i gotta think of a better name for this new thing but currently it’s Jason Collins against; until a better name crops up.

for tomorrow’s game between Jersey and the Wiz, the comparison is between
Jason Collins and Michael Ruffin

Jason Collins suckiness rating is 10/10
this i’ll explain more in the next couple of posts

Michael Ruffin’s suckiness rating : 6/10
– biggest ever achievement was probably getting himself drafted.
– averaging almost the same numbers career wise as Jason Collins this season while playing 10 less minutes.
– known as the Beast to the Wiz fans.(REALLY???)
– known for his hard dunks. (no kidding)
– has a career high of SEVEN blocks
– was actually missed by the Wiz fans early in the season.

so we’ll see how both of them performs in tomorrow’s game.

tell me what you think of this junk in the ccomments section,



1. Anonymous - February 27, 2007

this is hilarious – i hope you do this every game. ruffin is pretty high up there on the suckometer – he easily has the least amount of offensive skill.. perhaps of all time. he’d be good for a draw in a game of one-on-one with .. let’s say, chris dudley. next wizard game you do though take a look at jarvis hayes. his lack of a j means that he’s on pace to change his name to arvis once the season is over.

2. The Bonafied Boy - February 28, 2007

thanks to you, now i do have a better name for the Jason Collins feature

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