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New Jersey Nets – Sacramento Kings preview February 23, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA predictions, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Sacramento Kings.

New Jersey Nets 25-30
Sacramento Kings 23-30

Sac Town was heard to be making a move to trade Mike Bibby, and New Jersey was heard to be wanting to move Jason Kidd and Vince Carter to L.A, but since none of them made a move, New Jersey gets to see Jason and Vince and Jason Collins until the end of the season.

The reason for Jason Kidd’s dismal 2-14 shooting against the Hornets? apparently it’s a crack rib that affected his shot, so with the cracked rib, he’s doubtful for the matchup against the Kings, which is bad news and good news for us, good news is Marcus Williams gets to start if Kidd isn’t playing, bad news is which Marcus Williams will come to play, the one who settles for mid range jumpers? or the one that drives and dishes and play the pick and roll so well?

this game is another crucial one against another sub .500 team which presents another good opportunity for the Nets to gain ground on the Raptors’ 4.5 game lead, but whether the opportunity is taken, it remains to be seen, the Kings started their road trip on a loss to the Wizards where the Hibachi scored 43 points and had 9 TOs, Scareamento played well in that game, where their two main guys Ron Artest and Mike Bibby had it going, so if they still have the hot hand against the Nets, we’re in for a hard time.

1. No one can stop Artest if he decides to force his way inside, no one on the Nets roster who plays forward has the strength to match Ronny, so it could be trouble if he decides to bring it inside, Antoine Wright, Nachbar will have to do their best to force him into some outside shots

2. Mike Bibby will be another tough assignment for Marcus Williams and Eddie House, he’s quick, he can shoot, if he gets hot, i don’t know whether those two can handle him.

3. Vince Carter will need to have it going but he will have his hands full with Kevin Martin on him, Martin has more length and is a very good defensive player, Vince will have to drive to the hole more to try and pile fouls on martin rather reverting to Cousin Skippy and launching fade away threes.

4. the last time the two teams met, Net blew a 20 point lead and lost thanks to 15 straight Mike Bibby points, this time around, we have to come out strong and put them off if we have the chance to built another big lead.

5. Kings’ big men no matter how conventional they are, totally outclasses Jersey’s biggies, let’s hope for the best, because i think the Sacramento roster totally outclasses Jersey’s roster at this moment.

Final Score : Kings by 10
VC projection : 28 points
Jason Collins projection : 0 points, 4 boards



1. definitions887 - February 23, 2007

New Jersey Nets 110 – Kings 108

hows that

2. Anonymous - March 6, 2007

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