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New Jersey Nets – New Orleans Hornets review February 22, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.

New Jersey Nets had 32 assists on 38 baskets, but they still lost
Vince Carter had 46 points, but they still lost
Jason Kidd had 14 assists, but they still lost
Bostjan Nachbar played well, but they still lost

Nets were outscored by 13 from the FT line, that’s why they lost
Jason Kidd shot 0-7 from three, that’s why they lost
Hornets had five players in double digits, that’s why they lost

All the hype was on the team’s possible trades of Vince Carter and Jason Kidd rather than gobsmacking Byron Scott’s return to the Atlantic City, the team played well for 3 quarters, it’s just that the zero effort on defense in the 4th that ruined the almost W.

Although this is the 14th loss of the season at home for New jersey, there’s still 3 good things that happened in the favor of the Nets..
1- Dwyane Wade got injured, and that’s bad news for the Heat who are i think 1-6 this season without Wade, so it’s make the job of chasing the 8th spot easier
2. Raptors lost after they got dunked on by Anderson Varejao, so we stay 4.5 games behind them
3. Vince scored 46, and Nachbar had a solid 15 including three triples

the Bad news was…
Jason Kidd played like he knows he’s getting traded, shooting only 2-14 (although he handed out 14 assists and grabbed 9 rebounds), and again the fourth quarter was when the floodgates opened, allowing 35 points in the fourth, the defense that won us so many games last season is all but gone.

Final score: 111-107
VC projection : 46, 15-25, 12-12 FTs, 4 triples
Jason projection : 6, 9, 14, 2-14, 2 stls

New Jersey Nets (25-30)
New Orleans Hornets (26-29)



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