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I’ve been Away For… February 17, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Casual talk, NBA talk, youtube.

i’ve been away for 5 days and so much had happened

– Tim Hardaway hates Gay People, and Mark Cuban has no problems having gay people in his team,
– New Jersey Nets lost 2 straight in 2 straight blow outs, 1 by the Toronto Raptors, holy cow
– Scottie Pippen and Shawn Kemp apparently wants to return to the NBA
– Shaquille O’Neal will step aside for Dwight Howard after all in Sunday’s All-Star Game.
“He’s played a lot more than me and he deserves it.”
your damn right he deserves it.
– Gerald Green and Dwight Howard have something in store for the Slam Dunk Contest,
– and The Celtics finally won a game, against the Milwaukee Bucks, Gerald Green scoring 21 on 5-5 threes
– Joe Johnson makes it to the ASG replacing Jason Kidd, and so does Mehment Okur and Ray Allen..JESUS bebeh
– Jason Kidd had women in 5 cities and apparently kicked Joumama while shes pregnant

and finally

the sophomores gobsmacked the rooks in a 155-114 victory, David whiteboy earned MVP honors with a 14-14 30 point performance, and Chris Paul had 17 assts.



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