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Gilbert Arenas and his adventures in the Three Point Shooting contest February 9, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in All Star Weekend, Casual talk, Gilbert Arenas, NBA talk.

Round 1: Gilbert Arenas went cold and nearly shot himself out of the contest by missing all five moneyballs, but thank god that Jason Terry and Mike Miller were in the contest as they shot birds out of the sky during their turn, Dirk and Damon Jones was solid without talking alot of thrash, Jason Kapono led everyone by scoring 28 by shooting the ball wearing his pyjamas…

– Jason Kapono celebrates finishing 1st in the first round by proclaiming using a mike that he’s finally here!!!
– Damon Jones changes into his pimp street outfits to help him shoot better in the semis
– Gilbert Arenas comes out all wet in his all-star jersey, and also a change of shoes
– Dirk Nowitzki comes out bald

Semis : Damon Jones goes first and he is hot as he hits his first ten, but suddenly his pants go haywire and he decided to retire from the competition to save the audience’s eye from watching his manhood falling out, Jason Kapono’s hot shooting continues as he traumatizes Gilbert Arenas and shoots another 28..leaving Arenas and Dirk to battle out the final spot. Dirk started out slow, but by the time he reaches the last rack, he already has 18, swish, swish, swish, tong, tong, swish..Dirk finishes with 23, Gilbert, refreshed after playing some online poker, a bat and a change of shoes, came out white hot, and stayed hot, hitting a ASG first of a full score of 30..

– Gilbert Arenas calls out Kapono and challenges him to an outside bet, which in turn Kapono backs off from it, stating Gilbert is quirky!@!@!

Finals: Jason Kapono started consistently but fizzled out shooting only a dismal 16 compared to his previous two scores of 28, Gilbert Arenas being extremely confident tried to rile things up by shooting one handed when he reached 13 and 2 racks left, with 20 seconds remaining on the clock, Gilbert had missed 4 out of 6 one handed threes, which means he needs to make 3 out of 6, or maybe hit the moneyball to win it, Gilbert hits the first two shots; but misses the rest, leaving the last moneyball to either win it or lose it, Gilbert shoots and it hits the rim, and looks certain to miss, upon seeing this, Kapono storms up to celebrate but his momentum kinda sucked the ball back into the net(lame…), and Gilbert Arenas wins it by beating out Jason Kapono 17-16

– Jason Kapono is in a distraught after losing the contest and goes on to proclaim that he is GAY and that he had a crush on Pat Riley and his hair..

– Gilbert Arenas celebrates his win by tearing up the winning mock cheque into bits and throwing it to the fans..



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