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30 Fingers against Nine and a half in the Dunk Contest February 6, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in All Star Weekend, All-Star Game, Gerald Green, NBA predictions.

so Nate Robinson is back to defend his title which he won a year ago by beating out Andre Iguodala simply by attempting 15 more dunks than Andre,

anyway the list includes Gerald Green, Tyrus Thomas and Dwight Howard

Nate Robinson – he won the hearts of all the judges after the dunk owhere he jumped over Anthony Webb, but he has his hands full because the rest of his dunks are just above average i mean, we saw Fred Jones and Stevie Francis did the same thing, let’s just hope Nate doesnt need an hour and 50 attempts to complete his dunk routine

Tyrus Thomas – he could jump, oh he could seriously jump, but what did he do?? my prediction is he’s gonna jump over Scoot Skiles if he’s trying any Josh Smith or Nate Robinson stuff

Dwight Howard – i question the wisdom of the NBA office to put Dwightey into this, he’s a power dunker?? ala Shaq? the only dunk i can think of for Howard is to jump high enough and try to pull the rim off the backboard when he dunks

Gerald Green – the most exciting of the bunch, Gerald Green has hops and i’m half ceratin that the between the legs windmill will be come out somewhere..somehow…Gerald Green will win this thing and provide the Celts with something to cheer for and Nate, Tyrus, and Dwight will lose out to a guy who has only nine fingers and a half

end note: Michael Jordan, Julius Erving, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant and Nique Wilkins will ne part of the judges, isnt this more exciting than the list of participants?



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