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Problemo for NJ February 5, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in 10 Reasons, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets.

10 things that spells PROBLEM for the New Jersey Nets

1. you cant have a 6-4 guard lead the team in rebounding, a team that has 5 players with a height of 6-10 and above, and none of them can out rebound a 6-4 point guard? Jason Collins and Mikki Moore who both stand at 7 feet and both play about 23 mpg, averages only a meagre total of 9.2 rpg? Jason Kidd, 6-4, 37 mpg, 8.2 rpg? 8.2 rpg???? do you call them a soft frontline or a weak frontline?

2. Jason Collins is terrible, or i should say both the Collins twins are equally terrible..Jason Collins could qualify for the least productive center in the NBA anytime any year (same goes to Jarron Collins), for a man who has a career FT average of 68% to shoot 49% this season and miss more than his fair share of important FTs, AND for a center whose shots are putbacks and lil jump hooks, shooting 35%, its worse than Adam Morrison and that more than qualifies him for a crime….

3. bad time management, clearly the best frontcourt player on the team right now without Nenad Krstic is Josh Boone, but he’s playing 9 mpg, and guys like Clifford Robinson and Jason Collins are getting 10-20 mpg per night

will be a familiar sight soon
4. how old is Clifford Robinson? 39? 40? unless he’s one of those players who faked their own age in their IDs, he is seriously not good enough to play in this league anymore, he was good before, but his old age magic is waning and to see him get bullied by Dwight Howard on that spin and dunk and one was painful..

5. Eddie House is one hell of a player when he is hot from the field, but Eddie house is not a fun player to watch when he isnt, Eddie House redefines the word chucker, he CHUCKS shots, not shoots

6. giving valueble minutes to Bosjtan Nachbar when it should go to peeps like Hassan Adams and Marcus Williams, for a reason i do not know why, i hate Nachbar, he was at fault for the two crucial road losses at GS and LA for shooting threes with a LOT of time left in the clock

7. Lawrence Frank’s rotation policy and his plays are seriously not even plays, the two things i know about his plays are 1. give the ball to Vince Carter and let him work iso, 2. let jason Kidd run with the ball and see what he can come up with

8. i know its bad to say injuries hurt the Nets because injuries hurts all of the teams, but Richard Jeffferson’s departure seriously hurt the Nets, Antoine Wright is no RJ and will never be, Nets just downright miss Jefferson

9. the Raptors soaring and leading the Atlantic division by four games as we speak makes the situation even worse, Raptors at 25-23 and the Nets at 22-26, and worse still the Raptors can only get better and New Jersey can only get worse

10. the Nets roster are just not good enough to be a team contending for the East, the East is bad enough but they still arent good enough, frontcourt depth needs to be improved and the backcourt needs to solidify their play, especailly Eddie House



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