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do you actually believe him?? February 4, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Gilbert Arenas, Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers, Wiz.


Kobe said that revenge wasnt on his mind
Kobe said that 1 on 1 duels does not really excite him anymore
Kobe said that winning the game is more important
Kobe shot 14-26, had a 360 dunk, raised a no.1 sign at the end, was playing aggressive ball, which included being called for charging, and travelling violations,

Gilbert had to prove he was for real
Gilbert had to show up and beat the Lakers again
Gilbert had to outscore Kobe

Gilbert did something out of his character and wored headphones for like 90 minutes before the game started and he ended up shooting 9-29 from the field,

Kobe 39, Gilbert 37
Kobe 1 Gilbert 1

Ronny boy posterized again..

-Caron shot the ball awfully 5-18, but he had another near triple dub performance wit 10 boards n 7 assists
-Deshawn.. fresh from shooting a 100 threes the night before was 3-4 from beyond, and had 17 but did very little else in 31 minutes
– Jarvis freaking Hayes had 5 in 25
– Brenda had 5 off boards in 21 minutes
– Lakes had 5 players in double figures
– Eddie jordan needs to stop playing smallball
– Eddie Jordan needs to understand that Jarvis Hayes cannot play PF

Lakers 118 Wizards 102



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