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Gilbert vs Deshawn..you think he’s gonna make 70?? February 3, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Deshawn Stevenson, Gilbert Arenas, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Wiz, youtube.

the Nets playing against the Magic right now, and they suck, Vince is shooting bricks, Eddie House is shooting himself out of the house, Jason Kidd havent scored yet, Dwight Howard is killing the Nets, so is Keith Bogans, right now its a 23 point lead, getting even fuglier..

but the main thing about this post isnt about how terrible the Nets are playing, or how good the Magic are playing, (relieve at the commercial, Bill Walton is noisy), its about


Gilberto has been writing on his blog about how he will beat Deshawn in a 3 point shooting contest, thing is Gilbert is shooting one handed from the college three point line, while Deshawn is going at it two handed, the wager?? $20k, and with Deshawn, on a minimum contract, thats quite a bunch, Gilbert? on a $10 mil or so a year contract, its like a pinch of salt from his bank

check out the video

Gilbert breakdancing!

night from now, KOBE the selfish!! VS Gilbert “HIBACHI” Arenas LIVE in Washinton DC!

end note: Tim Leg is on TV, for a better commentary on the Gilbert vs Deshawn match-up check out Steinzy’s Sports Bog, more on the All-Star selections after the blogger outage



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