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Caron Butler or BUST January 31, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in All-Star Game, Caron Butler, NBA predictions.

its January 31st, tommorrow the’s big day, we’re gonna know who’s in and who’s not, but before the coaches do, i’ll list out my probables, just for the sake of reaching there first

the West…
– its actually opening up this year because its not that crowded, i mean the west is still crowded with phenomenal forwards, but still its an open race

Steve Nash – the best player over the last three years had to be here or its a sin
Shawn Marion
Carmelo Anthony – 15 game suspension not gonna stop the fact that e is the leading scorer in the NBA
Josh Howard
Dirk Nowitzki – if he doesnt make its a tyranny…a conspiracy
Deron Williams – 9.1 assists?
Carlos Boozer – early season MVP candidate

on the fence : Amare Stoudemire, Tony Parker, Elton Brand

The East..

Caron Butler – 21 , 8, 4 speaks volumes
Vince Carter – after all those heroics and he’s not in,???
Chauncey Billups – someone from the Pistons had to make it
Dwight Howard – no brainer
Jason Kidd
Joe Johnson – repping the -0.500 teams
Al Jefferson – 14ppg 11rpg? im not sure about this

on the fence : Richard Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, Luol Deng, Ben Gordon



1. cbrcmmndr - January 31, 2007

interesting choice al jefferson. is his defense no longer a gigantic liability?

2. - - S С‚ Рµ СЂ С’ О± n О№ Рµ - - - January 31, 2007

im not too sure about coaches picking the reserves list based on the players defensive prowess, but i think its either jefferson, the two wallaces or maybe okafor

sleepers include richard hamilton and eddy curry

3. cbrcmmndr - February 1, 2007

ok good enough for me. in this order i like vince dwight sheed ben kidd caron and i’m cool with al. it’s important to reward young players. we’ll see later today.

4. - - S С‚ Рµ СЂ С’ О± n О№ Рµ - - - February 1, 2007

but do u think four frontcourt guys can make it>?

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