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VINSANITY is STILL HERE January 30, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in New Jersey Nets, PotD, Vinsanity.

Gilbert did it, so Vince Carter decides that he would do it too, after three straight one point losses and buzzer beaters, now its New Jersey Nets turn, and how ironic it is, first Agent Z3ro did it against the Jazz, now its the Vince his turn, and boy Vince looks good…

and i seriously have a problem with all the people around saying Vince Carter has regressed and no longer a star player…what the heck? last i check VC is shooting better than the 43% he shot last season, he’s averagin more assists and points, 1.9 threes against 1.1, just because the Nets aint winning and he got voted out of the all star team in two weeks doesnt mean he’s not a good player anymore, in my opinion, he has become a better passer and he’s almost unstoppable down the low block, the past two games just showed how good VC is, 40 and 33, welcome back Vince

10-15,3-4 from three, 10-13 FTs, 33 points 3 rebs, 3 assists, and the buzzer beater, PotD no doubt, Vince

“The basketball gods had to shine on us some time”-Vince Carter

– Eddie House seriously needs to review his game, either he shoots the Nets to a win or he shoots the Nets out of it
– Marcus Williams had 12 points and 6 assists in 16 minutes, Cliff? 2 points in 18, and he played zero D…
– i wonder why Josh Boone isnt gettingthe minutes he deserves

edit: KG came in close with a 44 point performance to snap the 17 game winning streak of the Suns, but it had to be Vince



1. cbrcmmndr - January 30, 2007

nice blog keep steppin

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