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King VS the Balk January 28, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Casual talk, LeBron James, Renaldo Balkman.

yea, i know you guys have no idea what they are talking bout since there’s no audio whatsoever, but since i know lipreading, i’ll tell you what those two cats said

RB24 : yo, you wanna come in my house, alrite your house and score on me? take that sucka
Lebron : what the fuck? what? what? what? who the hell are you? are you just one of those fans masquerading as a player?
RB24 : you don’t know me??? i’m the no.20 draft pick for god’s sake
Lebron : err, sorry i only know who’s the no.1 draft pick
RB24 : what??? are you dissing me? oh im gonna put my hands on you, watch out, you saw what Nate can do..
Lebron : urhhs, get away from me, your hair is gross, ewwww, stinks

ref : pittt pitt pitttttt, enough! techs for you two
Lebron : what? who is that guy with the hair?
ref : he’s Renaldo Balkman
RB24 in the background : RECOGNIZE!!!
Lebron : huh? i have no ide..oh wait.. i think i saw him in this video

Lebron : he’s the batman?



1. Miss Gossip - January 28, 2007

LeBron is full of shit. You know he’s the author of the blog “Bench Renaldo.”

2. - - S С‚ Рµ СЂ С’ О± n О№ Рµ - - - January 28, 2007

what happened to mutoni?

3. nicchen - January 28, 2007

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4. - - S С‚ Рµ СЂ С’ О± n О№ Рµ - - - January 28, 2007

ayte but im using opera hows that?

5. Miss SunsGossip - January 30, 2007

In an Ohioan accent, “LeBron” is pronounced “Mu-TO-ni.”

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