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of championship rings and MVPs January 27, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA crap, Shaq, Stevie.

STEVEN NASH really is demanding isnt he
“There’s no rings for streaks, We’ve had a tendency to really take people lightly and not be as focused as we need to be, and I think you saw that again from us tonight.”
i would wonder how the Nets would give up 2 division titles for 2 15 win streaks this season

“It’s hard to feel real proud about it because we haven’t been playing as well as we can for much of the streak.”
so what happens if you guys start to play hard?


“We have to take one game at a time and take care of business, and we haven’t been doing that, We just have to step up and play. Everyone has to do their job and everybody has to want to be here and everybody has to want to play. I’m getting sick and tired of this. I’ve never been five games under .500 in my career. It’s embarrassing.”- Rashaun O’Neal

or maybe hes embarrasing himself? complacency from winning the championship is not good for someone that is fat but then again….



1. urhhlerhhs - January 27, 2007

BOOOOOOOOOOO. basketball is nice. but i dont understand cos i dont know who you talking abouttttt. oh well. nice blog. nice pics. hahahahha. BYE

2. definitions887 - January 27, 2007

errr steve nash looks so…speechless

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