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someone did the right thing January 26, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Ben Gordon, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Luol Deng, PJ Brown, PotD, Recap.

Finally…wooo, i love the look on Mark Cuban face deep down in the fourth quarter, talk about losing at the most inappropriate time, Dallas did just that, THEY finally LOST to the BULLS,

– we get to see Ben Gordon hitting his 1st 4 shots and Luol Deng going 3-4 including the 1st basket of the night,
– Josh Howard missing on his 1st 3 shots, and Dirk scoring 4 out of Dallas’s 6 points
PJ Brown scored on a running jumper from the line

– Tyrus Thomas blocking Dirk out of the house!
– Ben Gordon hit a pretty runner cum floater in the paint
Luol Deng had maybe 4 or 5 breakaway dunks including a steal and dunk
– Kirk Hinrich hit a big three

PJ Brown earned the PotD today for his performance down the stretch and his defense against Nowitzki 7-22 shooting for Dirk, and three important baskets down the stretch to bolster the Bulls fragile lead against Dallas

browning it out!

comment: well, actually the Bulls didnt play that well, its just that the Mavs played even worse, shooting just 31%, they shot themselves out of contention when Josh Howard was just 1-14 and dropping down to a 21-6 deficit early in the 1st half, but the Bulls show great resilience to hold back Dallas for the W, this would probably be Chicago’s highlight win of the season, and maybe kick start their push for the Central division title



1. definitions887 - January 26, 2007

ben is my boy, like i told u la Nets suck hahaha

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