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the they SHOULD BE ALL-STARS list January 21, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in All-Star Game, Caron Butler, Josh Howard.

1- CARON BUTLER, Tuff Juice
what would this list be without this man right here, 21.7ppg 8.2 rpg for a G/F, 4 apg, and 2 spg, ouh btw hes shooting 48% from the field, in short hes having a MONSTER year as the second scorer behind Gilbert Arenas and he hit the game winner against the Knickerbockers(okay he dunked). i’ll be baffled and stunned if he doesnt make the All-Star team, he leads the East in rpgs among SFs, and he had streaks of scoring 20 or more, plus i do not see anyone else from the East that is among the same calibre of Caron Butler this season, those that could maybe rival Caron includes Joe Johnson, Emeka Okafor, and Dwight Howard, but i do not seriously see anyone of those three making it because their team stinks, Dwightey might be an exception but still Caronimo is more versatile than him, call me bias, im just that,
(note: if Caron Butler doesnt make the All-Star team, i’ll eat vegetarian for the whole week)

alrite i admit, i hate this man right here, 1st he plays for Mark Cuban the prick, not only that, he plays for the most hated team in my opinion the Dallas Mavericks, ok, i hate him because hes just so damn good, 1 3pg, 1bpg and 1spg, hes the only player on the league to average that i think, and 19.7 ppg on a loaded Dallas team and also 7rpg, but still i wouldnt be sad if he didnt make it, but i gotta face the truth hes a pick for the All-Star game.

sweat if he doesnt make it



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