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the Association is a soap OPERA January 18, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Caron Butler, Gilbert Arenas, Jason Collins, New Jersey Nets, Wiz.

1 WORD describes the Washington Wizards..

1 WORD describes Caron Butler


2 WORDs describes Glbert Arenas

2 WORDs describes Eddie Jordan

1 WORD describes Brendan Haywood

2 WORDs describes Jamal Crawford

2 WORDs describes Deshawn Stevenson

1 WORD describes the New York Knicks

Caron Butler? All-Star? show ya skins people, Caron Butler is playing at an all-star level and he adds another pin onto his hat by winning the PotD and doing this at the buzzer

– the game winning DUNK

Caron Butler had 27 freaking points and had 10 career high assists and the Wizards win 99-98.

– Q-Rich had 35 and 10 coming back from injury
– Jarvis blabla Hayes had 13 on 6-9 shooting MIRACLE?
– Isiah Thomas enough of your crap, U SUCK
– agent Z3ro had 16

is Jason Collins of any-use? look at this
“I see it as an opportunity to get on the scoreboard, I look at it as free points. They tried to help my average. It’s not like I don’t practice. I take at least 200 free throws a day. It’s a matter of making them in the game.”
sounds like a person making another team pay for fouling him repeatedly and getting him to the FT line.

different class

BUT HECK! your Jason Collins, NOT JASON KIDD, and u shot 3-12 from the free-throw line, heck AT LEAST Shaq says he will make those when it matters, you nearly blew the W, BOOST YOUER AVERAGES UP TO CEILING OF YOUR ASS. IF it isnt for Vince Carter saving you damn ass with crucial shots your HEAD would be blown off the MAT! Pradamaster at BulletsForever said that Antawn Jamison doesnt justify his playing time on defense, but what justifies Jason Collins’ 24 mpg? 2.9 ppg and 4.1 rpg in 24? KILL ME…..

-Lakes suprising beat the Spurs with KB24 scoring 34 and posterizing Fundamental boy TWICE
-the Joe Johnson show was on as Hawks beat T-Wolves



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