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Get Ready for the SALUTE! again January 16, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Gilbert Arenas, Milwaukee Bucks, NBA talk, Wiz.

GILBERT ARENAS did it again, GILBERT ARENAS did it again, GILBERT ARENAS did it again, HE DID IT AGAIN!! OUTRAGEOUS STUFF, AGENT Z3RO IS AT IT AGAIN!! OH MY MOMMA, we tot he cooled off after a HOTTER THAN HOT December but hey, hes back at it again, AGENT Z3RO is BACK


THE SHOT against The Bucks

Delta Force couldnt stop no Covert Agent

Gilbert Arenas at it again, another game winning three, another highlight and more MVP chants

“Gilbert Arenas is God. His hands were up in the air long before the ball went in, everybody knew it” – Unsilent Majority

its gonna be a long season people..and this sight is getting more and more familiar

Arenas shot 7-12 from 3 and was 16-17 from the line as Agent Z3ro scored 51, the most points anyone had scored since the Jumpman did it here at the Verizon 6 years ago, and its also the third time this season Gilman had scored 50 or more

Gilberto Quotes
I’m going for the gusto, I’m going for that winner. The funny part is I was sitting right here before the game and I told DeShawn I feel like 37 and the game-winner tonight So when I told him after the game: ‘What did I say?’ He just started laughing and said: ‘Man, you were

“I’m going to break all the records that’s here, I’m glad it was an older Michael than a younger Michael because if it was a younger Michael it would have been up there”

“Once I felt the ball come out of my hands, I knew it was going in. It had great arc and it was lined up with the rim, so I started celebrating pre-make. I put my hands up because I knew the game was over.”

Deron Williams
“I looked up with four seconds and he was still messing with the ball, so I tried to get up on him a little more,He made a little move, a little step, I backed up a little bit and that is when he raised up. I tried to get a hand up. Everybody in the arena knew he was going to shoot it. We knew he was going to shoot it. He just made a great shot.”




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