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the day where the Agency saved the Agent January 11, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Gilbert Arenas, Luther Head, NBA talk.

Agent Name – Z3ro
Location – D.C the Capitole
Mission objectives- incinerate Captain Kirk and the Bulls

Mission Report
Agent Z3ro was bullied tonight!, obvious 40 feet ray guns weren’t in action as the Agent shot only 5-16 for 20 points, the Agent didn’t even attempt a second-half field goal until there were fewer than 6 minutes left in the game, but the Agent hit 2 very crucials threes at the end infront of Benny Gordon to seal the deal, but the game wasn’t all Gilbert, the agent was helped out by his Agency (i.e Antonio Daniels, Caron Butler, and Deshawn Stevenson), Caron had his 7th straight 20 point game, as the bench outscored the Bulls bench 32-30, The Agent was fouled shooting a three in the 1st quarter which Scott Skiles portested and was called for a big T that led to four FTs for Arenas

part of the agency..Deshawn (Nocioni looks like he enjoyed that) and welcome back Etan the scholar

– Caron Butler attempted 17 FTs
– Tawn Jamison hit 4 threes
– Big Ben had 16 boards
– Captain Kirk and Ben Gordon had a combined 58 points

Mission succesful, Wiz win 113-103

the PotD
ahh, what kind of day would it be if there isn’t this, i’ll be straight forward on this one because im in a hurry, and this PotD is shared among two oldies,
1) Juwan Howard, age:33
-outscored Kobe by 3 by scoring 23 and grabbing 11 boards, btw its the 10 year annivesary of his All-Star selection
2) Deke Mutombo aka Elbowtore of Hell, age:40
-matched his season high with 19 boards and swatted 5 shots to move himself into 2nd place ALL TIME on the blocks list

in a night where T-Mac ain’t scoring this is what they need, im waiting for Bob Sura to show up maybe 10 years from now, Rocxxxx win 102-77 in another blow-out loss for the Lake show

pic of the day
– Luther Head would die rather than give up shooting a three but guess what, we were wrong

AS RARE as Ronny Turiaf playing

more roundups tonite…



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