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Sorry penuchas!! January 10, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Jason Kidd, NBA talk, PotD.

sorry people because the PotD award was missing from yesterday due to some personal reasons here, but hey don’t be down cos its back today and it’s better than ever,

-there was some incredibly hype-up matchups in which the Lake-show got blowned out away at sleepy town Memphisto where two white boys combined for 50 points and 19 boards and seven players in double figures in a 128-119 win over the Bryant led Lakers,

-Meanwhile in a division nearby at Arco Arena King James hit 4 crucial 3 pointers in the fourth as the Cavs held off the Kings’ comeback in a 42-12 run to win 108-98.

i love this shot

-After a performance to remember against the Spurs, Dirko Nowitzki spurred himself further with a season high 38 points on a win against THE SUPRISINGLY GOOD Utah Jazz. Jerry Stackhouse got himself ejected after 2 very NICE flagrant fouls. Carlos Boozer had 29 to lead the Jazz.

-the Arizona Wildcats, oops, sorry the Phoenix Suns manage to overcome a second half flurry by the Sonics to win their seventh straight, Steve Nash had 27 and 11assists and Shawn Marion led the Suns with 29points and 15 boards.

-Atlanta as usual lost to the Pacers, with the Pacers winning their third straight 91-72 to improve to 19-16, Detroit won against the AI led Sixers without Chauncey Billups and strong performances from Tayshaun Prince(33points) and Flip Murray(12 assists), Spurs beat the “Frail” Blazers with a team performance overcoming a 25 point performance by Zach Randolph

what do we know about Nick Collison? ok er,Nick Collison after much hype and much time on the bench, Hype as in he got drafted in the lottery at 2003 and went to the FIBAs Americanas with Team USA, and much time on the bench as in well he’s a bench warmer, neways, he made a case for Bob Hill to drop Chris “toothless” Wilcox with a compelling 29 points and 21 rebounds — both career bests –but still the Sonics losts

i was tempted to show ur face but i guess we’ll let them guess who you really are

THE PotD at last!!
okay, JASON KIDD, third all time in career triple doubles, led the league in rebounding among guards, second in assists behind Stevie Nash, Kidd led Jerseyland to a win in a battle of below.500 Atlantic division leaders the Raptors with a 10 point, 14 assist and 8 board performance, but it was his performance was made even more incredible because he had filed for divorce just hours before the game. TIP YOUR HATS to JASON KIDD



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